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Glenpool Braces Blog

5 Ways to Get Comfortable with Your Invisalign

August 28, 2020

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Smiling woman holds Invisalign in Glenpool

Invisalign is one of the most popular ways for teens and adults alike to straighten teeth in Glenpool! It offers a wide variety of unique advantages over traditional metal braces to make the process of aligning your pearly whites as easy and pleasant as possible. One of Invisalign’s most popular benefits is how comfortable treatment is, but like all orthodontic services, it can cause some soreness and discomfort as it shifts your pearly whites into place. Use these five key tips to make straightening your smile with Invisalign in Glenpool as comfortable and successful as possible!


4 Tips to Remember When Wearing Braces During the Summer

August 6, 2020

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a young girl outside wearing glasses and braces while smiling

As summer break is coming to a close, students are gearing up for a new (and unusual) school year. But before they strap on their backpacks or head downstairs to open up the laptop, you’ll likely find them soaking in the last few days (or weeks) of summer vacation. This may mean indulging in unhealthy snacks or forgoing their oral hygiene routines, both of which can spell disaster for a child wearing braces. Although the hot, sunny days of freedom are winding down, there is still time to avoid a potential delay in treatment. Here are 4 tips for braces in Glenpool that will be sure to keep your child’s evolving smile on track.


9 Touch-Free Ways to Greet Others Safely in COVID-19

July 20, 2020

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Smiling woman waves to her Glenpool dentist during COVID-19

From working to socializing, many aspects of how we interact with others have changed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The best way to keep yourself and others healthy is to limit your exposure to potentially infected particles by social distancing. Since that means no handshakes or hugs for the foreseeable future, what’s a safe way to greet others while social distancing? Your Glenpool dentist shares nine touch-free hellos that won’t spread germs during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Wax: Not Just for Candles, but for Braces Too!

July 7, 2020

Filed under: Uncategorized — glenpoolbraces @ 3:26 pm
Two cases of dental wax for traditional braces in Glenpool

Traditional braces in Glenpool are a tried-and-true method for straightening crooked teeth. If you’re unfamiliar with everyday life with braces, you may be somewhat confused when your dentist sends you home with a small container of dental wax. It may not seem obvious right away, but this material will help your treatment go as smoothly as possible. Read on to learn more about dental wax and how to use it properly while wearing your traditional braces!


Is Orthodontic Headgear Still Necessary? Find Out!

June 19, 2020

Filed under: Uncategorized — glenpoolbraces @ 8:20 pm
Boy wearing orthodontic headgear in Glenpool

If you’re like millions of Americans, you’ve probably received orthodontics to straighten your teeth for a more beautiful and healthier smile. Braces have always been the most common solution, and modern technology also makes clear braces like Invisalign an option. However, you may have seen additional, complex orthodontic devices like headgear. This treatment is more obtrusive and obvious in appearance than braces, so is it really necessary? Keep reading to find out why orthodontic headgear in Glenpool may be vital for you or a loved one.


Why It’s Best to Have an Orthodontic Consultation in the Summer

June 4, 2020

Filed under: Uncategorized — glenpoolbraces @ 7:42 pm
a dentist wearing personal protective equipment preparing to examine a female patient’s smile

Do you or your child need braces? Knowing which type and whether you are a qualified candidate requires meeting with a dental professional who can examine your smile and provide various treatment options. But who has the availability to make an appointment to discuss the possibility of moving forward with braces? Now that summer is here, there is actually no better time than to schedule an orthodontic consultation! Whether you need traditional braces or Invisalign in Glenpool, learn why this time of year is the best opportunity to get started.


4 Easy Ways to Alleviate Discomfort After Getting Your Braces Tightened

May 28, 2020

Filed under: Uncategorized — glenpoolbraces @ 6:25 pm
pretty young woman with traditional braces smiling at camera

Traditional braces are one of the most reliable ways to straighten teeth. Generations of people have benefited from them — and generations of people also know that it can be a bit uncomfortable when braces get tightened. What can you do to cope with the discomfort and make sure that your orthodontic treatment experience is as easy as possible? Here are some useful tips from an experienced orthodontist.


3 Helpful Tips for Athletes With Braces

May 22, 2020

Filed under: Uncategorized — glenpoolbraces @ 4:45 pm
teen with traditional braces holding a skateboard over their shoulder

If you’re used to playing sports without traditional braces, it may take a little while to adjust to doing what you’re passionate about with an orthodontic appliance in your mouth. Fortunately, straightening your teeth doesn’t have to interfere with your athletic dreams. Countless famous athletes wore braces as they were making a name for themselves, such as the four-time Olympic gold medalist Missy Franklin, iconic tennis player Venus Williams, and even famous soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo! With the right help, you can quickly adjust to your orthodontic treatment while continuing to crush the competition. Read on for three helpful tips for athletes who have braces. 


3 Toothbrushes For Orthodontic Treatment

April 22, 2020

Filed under: Uncategorized — glenpoolbraces @ 1:08 pm
lined up heads for toothbrushes

As you’re going through orthodontic treatment, one of the most important maintenance tips is to practice thorough daily oral hygiene. For people with braces, this can be difficult, especially if you’re still not used to brushing between brackets and wires. Fortunately, there are countless toothbrushes made especially for you that can help keep your teeth and gums healthy during your treatment so you won’t have to worry about oral health problems developing. Read on to learn three of the highest reviewed orthodontic toothbrushes by patients.


4 Orthodontic Home Care Tips During Quarantine

April 10, 2020

Filed under: Uncategorized — glenpoolbraces @ 2:45 pm
person with braces smiling and walking up steps in a home

Due to COVID-19, countless people are self-isolating to slow the spread of the virus and stay healthy. For people who have braces, that involves taking great care of your brackets, wires, teeth, and gums at home to make sure that you don’t need to visit your orthodontic specialist for an urgent appointment. Read on to learn four orthodontic home care tips that can keep your treatment timeline on track.

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