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Invisalign® Teen Clear Aligners – Glenpool, OK

Your Teen Can Achieve A Self-Confident Smile Seamlessly

Why Choose Glenpool Braces for Invisalign® Teen Clear Aligners?

Young woman with straight teeth

Many teenagers could benefit from orthodontic treatment, but they’re ready to run screaming in the other direction when the topic of traditional metal braces comes up. Dr. Georgy understands this reaction – maintaining a confident, polished look is very important in high school, and the last thing your son or daughter wants is to be showing off a “metal mouth” in their prom photos.

Thankfully, there’s now a new orthodontic technology that’s perfectly suited to teenage smiles: Invisalign® Teen Clear Aligners. Instead of noticeable wires and brackets, your loved one can wear clear aligners that blend in very well with natural teeth, helping them maintain a high level of self-confidence throughout the treatment process. Interested in learning more? Parents are always welcome to schedule a consultation at Glenpool Braces!

How Do Invisalign Teen Clear Aligners Work?

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After completing an initial consultation to determine if Invisalign Teen is the best fit for your son or daughter’s unique orthodontic needs, Dr. Georgy will forward her treatment instructions to the Invisalign Laboratory. They will send back a 100% customized set of clear aligners, each one representing a distinct stage of tooth movement. Your teenager’s job is simple – they need to wear each aligner for a certain period of time (typically two weeks) before switching to the next one. Over time, these small shifts will add up to a big, beautiful transformation!

It’s important that our patients wear their Invisalign aligners for at least 22 hours a day, only removing them when enjoying a meal or brushing and flossing at home. The removable nature of the aligners means that there’s no irritating restrictions surrounding food and no tricky brackets or wires for decay-causing scraps to get caught under. Plus, no irritation thanks to poking orthodontic wires!

What’s the Difference Between Invisalign Clear Aligners & Invisalign Teen Clear Aligners?

Woman placing Invisalign tray

While Invisalign Clear Aligners and Invisalign Teen Clear Aligners have the same basic purpose and construction, there are some small differences that are well-suited to younger patients and their busy lifestyles, such as:

Invisalign Teen FAQs

Question marks for Invisalign teen FAQs in Glenpool.

Invisalign is the perfect orthodontic solution for teens who are concerned about the appearance of brackets and wires. They can enjoy the benefits of clear aligners to improve the health and appearance of their teeth. Although you want them to achieve the confident smile they deserve, it’s normal to have a few concerns before committing to the procedure. We’ll explain everything during their consultation. In the meantime, we have the answers to the top Invisalign teen FAQs in Glenpool to help ease any apprehensions.

How long will my teen’s treatment take?

There isn’t any way to determine the duration of your teen’s treatment without first performing a consultation. Generally, patients who need to make major adjustments can expect their treatment to take longer than someone who only requires minor movements. Since teens are still growing, they often reach their goals quicker than adults. The average treatment takes about 12 months. You can help ensure there aren’t any delays added to their plan by encouraging them to change their aligners on time.

Are there any dietary restrictions?

It can be difficult for teens to ignore the temptations of certain foods, but you won’t need to worry about any dietary restrictions when choosing Invisalign. Since the aligners are removable, they can eat and drink anything they like. However, they’ll need to remove them when eating or drinking anything except water. They’ll also need to rinse their aligners and brush their teeth before putting them back into their mouth.

What happens if they lose an aligner?

If your teen isn’t careful, they might lose an aligner. If one is misplaced, don’t panic. If you’re unable to find it, contact our office right away to see if a replacement is necessary. Depending on where they are at in their series, we may recommend wearing one from a previous week or switching to the next early. To better keep track of their aligners, encourage them to always store them in their protective case when they aren’t in their mouth. This will help prevent them from accidentally being thrown away after being left on a lunch tray or napkin.

How much does Invisalign for teens cost?

There isn’t a pre-determined rate for Invisalign because the cost is based on your teen’s specific treatment plan, like the number of aligners needed. We’ll provide you with an estimate during their initial consultation and discuss your payment options, like using third-party financing.

Can I use my dental insurance to pay for Invisalign?

Every insurance plan is different, but many policies cover orthodontics, including Invisalign. After paying your monthly premiums, you can use your orthodontic allowance once you’ve reached your deductible. We’ll file all the necessary claim forms to maximize your benefits to lower the amount you need to pay out-of-pocket. A member of our team will discuss how your coverage is being used and if there’s a remaining balance. We’ll help you find the solutions you need to invest in your teen’s smile without draining your wallet.

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