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Traditional Orthodontics – Glenpool, OK

Reliable, Lasting Smile Improvements for Children & Adults

Why Choose Glenpool Braces For Traditional Orthodontics?

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When someone hears the word “braces,” they likely picture metal brackets and wires. Traditional orthodontic treatment has been around in this form for many years now, and it’s a tried-and-true technology that has helped countless patients improve the alignment of their teeth in dramatic, lasting ways. At Glenpool Braces, we’d like to introduce families to these valuable benefits in more detail during a complimentary orthodontic consultation – contact us today! Dr. Georgy is happy to work with patients of all ages here in Glenpool, OK.

How Do Traditional Braces Work?

Woman with braces receiving dental exam

Braces are composed of three distinct components. First, there’s the brackets, which are securely attached to the surfaces of certain teeth and will have unique characteristics and shapes, depending on Dr. Georgy’s personalized treatment plan. They make up the foundation, while the orthodontic archwire serves as a catalyst. These wires are attached in place over the brackets, where they start exerting gradual pressure and causing the right amount of movement to shift teeth towards their more ideal positions.

Finally, elastics (also known as rubber bands) are used to connect the brackets and wires. These elastics come in a wide variety of different colors and shades so that the patient can choose the look they like best!

What are the Benefits of Traditional Braces?

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How Long Will I Have to Wear My Braces?

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This is definitely one of the most common questions Dr. Georgy receives from patients and worried parents when providing dedicated orthodontic consultations. First of all, it’s important to keep in mind that there’s no easy, “one size fits all” answer – every patient’s proposed treatment plan will be affected by unique factors, including their age, the severity of their orthodontic issues, and more. Following the consultation, our team will be able to provide much more confident time estimates so that you can proceed with treatment from a well-informed position.

In most cases, orthodontic patients can expect to spend anywhere from one year to three years wearing traditional braces. If your son or daughter is still young, consider exploring Phase 1 Pediatric Orthodontics with Dr. Georgy, as this interventive approach may be able to reduce or even eliminate their need for extensive treatment later on in life.

For older patients who are unable or unwilling to wear metal braces, rest assured that our Glenpool practice offers more aesthetically friendly alternatives. Invisalign® Clear Aligners are available for both adults and teenagers – however, keep in mind that this specific type of treatment is best suited for patients with mild to moderate orthodontic imperfections.

Traditional Braces FAQs

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Are you concerned about the course of your child’s care? Or do you have questions about your own braces? Is there anything you want to know before the dentist begins orthodontic treatment for you or your loved ones? On this page, we’ve answered a few questions that many patients have on their mind when considering traditional braces. Don’t be afraid to get in touch with Glenpool Braces if you have any concerns that aren’t addressed here.

When is the Best Age for Braces?

Despite what you might think, there is no real age limit for braces; even adults can benefit from wearing them to realign their smiles. With that said, there is a reason why they’re normally recommended for children. Younger patients have jaws that are still developing, and it’s easier to make the necessary changes while the teeth are more receptive to them. Generally speaking, we recommend braces be placed between the ages of 10 and 14, with the exact timing depending on when all of the adult teeth have appeared. It’s a good idea to schedule an orthodontic consultation around the age of 6 so that we can figure out early on what kind of treatment is required.

Why are Braces Necessary?

Wearing braces can leave you with a straighter smile, but that’s far from the only benefit. If you’re suffering form any kind of bite problem (such as an overbite or underbite), a traditional orthodontic treatment can correct it before long term damage is done. This also helps you avoid pain over the long term and allows you to chew normally. Furthermore, crooked teeth are harder to clean since it’s more difficult to reach all of the necessary surfaces with your toothbrush. Wearing braces could reduce your risk of tooth decay, gum disease, and other hygiene-related health issues.

How Can I Take Care of Braces?

It takes some adjusting to properly take care of your teeth while wearing traditional braces. As ever, you should brush at least twice every day. However, you need to pay extra attention to all the nooks and crannies in your orthodontic appliance; the metal brackets and wires will give food, bacteria, and generally harmful substances more places to hide. Be as thorough as possible, and don’t forget to floss after every meals. Remember to keep up with your regular checkups at your general dentist as well as at Glenpool Braces; that makes it easier to catch small oral health problems before they cause long term issues.

Will Dental Insurance Cover Braces?

Some dental insurance policies will help pay for orthodontic treatments; in fact, some states even require that braces be covered by dental insurance. Check with your provider to see what benefits are available to you. Remember that many insurance carriers will help pay for treatments meant to improve your health but not ones that are only meant to make cosmetic improvements. If you don’t have insurance, feel free to ask about other financing options such as CareCredit.

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